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Purity, sweetness and humanity. Successful words for the dazzling Princess of Wales. Diana Frances Spencer won the heart of the United Kingdom and the entire world.
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Bringing significant changes to royalty and above all, magic. Valuable and beautiful Lady Di, loved and admired for her sincerity and shyness.
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So unique and unmatched. A jewel in the rough that returned all the spirit and a gust of the new world to the great English Monarchy.
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A strong, independent woman, without fear of showing her virtues and defects. Courageous, noble and sincere hearted.
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Fashion icon and inner strength of many women in the world. Princess Diana left endless stories that emanated a series of feelings. Surrounded by a supposed dream world and with such a raw reality.
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Always present in history and remembered with so much devotion. May it lose your memory for eternity and remain an example for all women thirsty to make changes in the world.