Hi lovies! July is almost over, so I decided to make the second part of the discoveries of the month, I hope you like it


1) That Dress Looks Nice On You by Sufjan Stevens

fashion, girl, and dress image Image by ฮฃฤฤฏล‹รธรธา“ ะ•ะดะธะฝะพั€ะพะถะบะฐ

2) Car Radio by Twenty One Pilots

girl, aesthetic, and mirror image green, aesthetic, and car image

3) Melody Of A Murder by Scarlett Rose

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

4) Monsters by Ruelle

girl, model, and golden hour image love, couple, and shadow image

5) Indigo Puff by Sundara Karma

aesthetic, hands, and rings image aesthetic, pale, and skin image

6) She Wolf by Sia

beauty, blurry, and chic image mirror, aesthetic, and gold image

I know that some of these songs already have some time but they are pretty cool, I hope you like the songs and can chill with them haha and sorry for my grammatical errors hehe

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Keep Spraying Love