I was just reading all the articles that are here and suddenly I thought it's a good way how to get feelings out, so HERE I AM!
I hope you will like my posts and if you won't, idk I'll kill myself.
HAHA, joke;)


I'm sorry, that I am not social person and I can't talk with people

I'm sorry, that I'm a bad girlfriend

I'm sorry, that I'm jealous

I apologize to all the flowers that I plucked and threw away

I'm sorry to complain about everything

I apologize to everyone I hurt

I'm sorry I can't confess love

I apologize for my frequent mood swings

I'm sorry, that I cry a lot

I'm sorry, that I'm not good enough (in everything)

I'm sorry, mom and dad, that I let you down

I'm sorry I'm not important to the world

I'm sorry, that I'm not good friend

Sorry to fall in love so easily

I'm sorry I'm not beautiful

I'm sorry I'm afraid nobody will ever love me

I'm sorry, that I'm lazy

I'm sorry for my bad English

I'm sorry, that I didn't save you


(and you can follow me ahahaha)