The Autumn days can be cold and rainy, but they are also there for creating new memories. Here is a little guide to help you along and experience Autumn to the fullest.

~ ๐ŸŒฐ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ‚ ~

Heighten your senses

rain, autumn, and city image rain, umbrella, and autumn image autumn, city, and fall image girl, photography, and wanderlust image
Hearing the patter of rain on your umbrella. Feeling the first cold air fill your lungs. Seeing the trees changing colour and smelling the wet rained earth. Be aware and experience those senses. Memories of them will stay with you.

Shooting in film

autumn, camera, and fall image autumn, fall, and leaves image forest, autumn, and girl image dog, cute, and animal image
Shooting the beauty of a golden maple leaf and storing your Autumn memories with film. Using Kodak film for low light situations and warm toned pictures. And using Fuji film for bright light and cool tones.

Explore nature

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed autumn, beautiful, and chill image autumn, camping, and fall image
Hiking the trails in the forests and mountains. Enjoying the changing colour palette of the city trees. Crackling chestnuts over a campfire.

Cozy up

autumn, cozy, and book image cat, animal, and kitty image book, rain, and autumn image beautiful, forest, and girl image
Feeling the warmth inside a space. Soft blankets covering you and providing comfort. Eyes glittering with soft candle light. Pages softly rustling and turning.

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