Well, now that I have some followers on WHI I wanted to introduce myself and thank you.

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My name is Lina (but if you call me Ney you will make me the happiest woman in the world)
I'm from Spain. (My english is sh*t, sorry for the mistakes).
I was born in 1998
I'm short (1,59) and I love it, but I'm surrounded by giraffes (all my friends are so f*cking tall)

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I love books, fantasy books are my favourites. And I also write (bad, but well)

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I'm a really curious person, I like to investigate and learn everything I can.

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I don't like big groups. I have several groups of friends (all very different) but they are small groups. And I love all of them with all my heart

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I'm a shy person, it's hard for me to make friends and keep the conversations. Also I don't trust people, to be honest, I have to know a person very well to trust him and consider him my friend. It may even take years until I consider someone my true friend, but when I do it, my life could be in his hands without hesitation, and I will be with them everytime they need me.

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And that's it. Thanks for reading, and for your time.
My ig is @ 98lnnn
Byeeeeee, xoxo