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Welcome to another article in this health series. Today we are going to talk all about sleep. Sleep as I usually mentioned before is a non-negociable. It is a life necessity. We cannot function without sleep. It is when our body restores and heals as well as the time new information is stored and new brain connection formed. Despite all this, it doesn't mean that is that easy to get those crucial 8 hours in. Sometimes despite us making our best efforts, we can't seem to get ourselves to sleep. Well, that used to be a problem for me before I came up with certain habits that made sleep effortless and easy. Below I will be telling you 5 of the most important changes I made that improved my sleep tremendously. These tips not only help you sleep faster but also will help you get better quality sleep so you wake up feeling refreshed.

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Habit no 1: Workout in the morning.

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Working out can be highly beneficial for sleep but if you work out later in the evening this might disturb your sleep. When you work out your body is in the sympathetic nervous system, while when you sleep it is the parasympathetic that takes over, so you see, working out near your bedtime may hinder your body from entering in the state it needs to rest. I prefer to do my workouts right when I wake up but you can leave them for later on but make sure you leave around 4 to 6 hours before your usual bedtime.

Habit no 2: Dim your phone's brightness about an hour before you sleep

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I know they say you shouldn't use your phone before you sleep, but I guess sometimes that is not possible, especially if you will do the next habit I will suggest. So if you are still going to be using your phone, just dim the brightness all the way or even turn on your night mode. I also suggest turning on the blue light filter. This will significantly help you wind down right before bed and will make sleep much easier.

Habit no 3: Watch ASMR

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This has been a game-changer for me. I used to be quite resistant to the ASMR trend but once I started watching ASMR before bed, I sleep in no time. I highly recommend checking out some ASMR artists on Youtube and find what works for you. What works for someone may not work for another, so experiment with different artists and content and see what helps you fall asleep fastest. I especially enjoy ASMR makeup videos. My favourite ASMRists are - GWENGWIZ ASMR, ASMR GLOW , SOPHIEMICHELLE ASMR , GIBI ASMR , TENA ASMR , JOJO ASMR, and EDAFOXX ASMR

Habit no 4: Drink warm Turmeric milk before bed

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This drink is so relaxing, it never fails to calm me down and ease me into sleep. It is very easy to prepare as well. Just fill a cup with milk, add a little bit of turmeric( I suggest starting with a small amount and then building it up in order to get used to the taste, you will eventually start o love it, I really do). Then add some cinnamon and stir. Add a tablespoon of honey and just warm it up in the microwave. That's it, it is very simple but so much effective.

Habit no 5: Make sure that the room temperature is just fine

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This is especially important in summer because the heat can highly affect your sleep. If you have airconditioning, this might not be a problem but if you are like me and you don't yet own such a luxury the following tips will have you covered.
a- Open up all your room windows, do this about 30 minutes before you intend to sleep so that the room is nice and cool by the time you get in bed.
b-Turn on that fan
c- Get rid of any warm blankets- I love to keep a thin one because it actually helps me sleep better

Those are all the tips from me today. I hope that they will help you get those precious hours of zzzzs and talk to you all next Saturday for another health series article.

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