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Here I am with part 2 like I promised!
For those who missed part 1 and want to read it:

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Power _Little Mix ft Stormzy

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"You can be a woman and a boss and wear the trousers at the same time"

Little Mix are so inspiring. This song is definitely about girl power.

Youth _Shawn Mendes ft Khalid

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"It's hard to sleep at night knowing what's outside"

I feel every word of this song. Don't let hate win.

I lived _One Republic

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"I swear I lived"

I really like this one 'cause it talks about living in the moment and not wasting time.

Kill 'em with kindness _Selena Gomez

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"Put down the weapons you fight with and kill 'em with kindness"

Another one about not letting hate win. Kindness is free and a lot better than hatred.

True friends _Miley Cyrus

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"We signed our cards and letters bff, you've got a million ways to make me laugh"

Best friends, true friends, there's nothing better than them, they're always by your side and love you for who you are. Don't understimate them.

Just hold on _Louis Tomlinson ft Steve Aoki

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"The sun goes down and it comes back up"

This one is for whenever you feel down. Louis is such a strong and loving man, he suffered so much but he didn't give up. You can do it too.

If you say so _Lea Michele

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"Seven whole days, seven whole days since I heard your voice"

Pure pain. We all know this is for Cory and that makes it even more heartbreaking. Losing someone you love is the worst thing that can happen to you. But shit happens and you have to go through so much sorrow.

Nancy Mulligan _Ed Sheeran

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"I'm gonna marry the woman I love"

Grandparents' love is the ultimate dream, isn't it? Such a sweet song.

Malibu _Miley Cyrus

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"Next to you the sky is more blue in Malibu"

I just love it. I love her. I love Liam. I love them together. This is proof of their love.

Strip _Little Mix ft Sharaya J

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"Sexiest when I'm confident"

Self-acceptance and self-love are the key to happiness.

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