Hi to everyone! I hope you are enjoying your life at the best💜

A lot of things has happened during these months and now everything is developing under my eyes with and without my control.

  • First of all I finished high school with the highest mark and finally something has given me a reason to feel proud of me and my hard work. All my efforts were not waste and they led to a great achievement.👩‍🎓
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Anyway a new path is going to start at september/october, when university will open its doors.📚 It's quite hard to find out a flat and pay attention to each deadline about admission etc, but in the same time I feel so excited to start a new life, following my dreams and plans of studying economy. 📊

Despite of that, I can't stay there without doing anything. I feel that need of working hard for my future project of building an on-line company... life is one and time can't be wasted. For this reason I'm currently gathering all the information I can from books talking about business and doing a free Digital Markiting course of Google. 🔎

  • Talking about mental health all these things I'm working on are causing me stress, because I don't feel enough for this, I'm afraid of wasting time in unuseful activities and not using it in the best way I can. In addition I'm lacking in self confidence, due to gaining weight and losing important friendships. I always ask myself what is wrong in me, in my thoughts and in my apprearence, but I can answer with the same word over and over again. MY BODY. MY MIND. I want to change this negative mindset, 'cause it is causing me pain and it is not bearable for the life I want to buid.
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  • Liked to that I desire to feel confident not only mentally, but also phisically, giving to my body all the attention and love it deserves for make me live my own life day by day. This means I'm going to work on my relationship with food and fitness, after a long time of gaining weight and not caring so much about the health of the skin I am living in. 🧘‍♀️🥑
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I know I want to achieve a lot in the same time, which means a lot of effort, but I'm tired of living with the regret of "what if I would have..."


Your girlie,