Favorite movie ~

Image removed 80s, cult, and Heathers image
Heathers, the best I love it so much

Movie with the best playlist ~

mamma mia image lily james and mamma mia image
Mama mia here we go again

Movie from the seventies ~

grease, couple, and movie image grease, pink, and vintage image
Grease, "She looks to pure to be pink"

Movie from the eighties ~

Breakfast Club, Molly Ringwald, and 16 candles image Temporarily removed
16 candles, "Everything's just getting shittier"

Movie from the nineties ~

quotes, Devil, and movie image Image removed
The usual suspects- an actual amazing plot twist

Last movie you watched ~

me and earl and the dying girl image Temporarily removed
Me, earl, and the dying girl, "We're accidentally on drugs"

Best plot twist ~

Mature image shutter island image
shutter island, the best thing I've watched since Heather's

Movie that always makes you cry ~

boy, leonardo dicaprio, and 90s image titanic, rose, and kate winslet image
Titanic, soooo cute but ugh!

A movie from your childhood ~

harry potter image Temporarily removed
Harry Potter, still obsessed

A movie from your favorite series ~

character, edit, and series image character, edit, and series image
Hunger Games, "may the odds be ever in your favour"

A movie with an actor you love ~

black and white, Carey Mulligan, and leonardo dicaprio image Image removed
The great Gatsby, I love him!!

Your favorite book to movie adaption ~

Temporarily removed dead poets society, movie, and robin williams image
Dead poets society, "Make your lives extraordinary"

A movie you've seen millions of times ~

1999, Best, and club image quotes, brad pitt, and fight club image
Fight club, so amazing and omg the plot twist!

A comedy movie ~

Temporarily removed Abusive image
Scary Movie, friggin hilarious

A romance movie ~

movie, quotes, and lana condor image room, to all the boys, and noah centineo image
To all the boys I've loved before, cute cute and cute!!!

An action movie ~

actress, dakota johnson, and beauty image girl, sexy, and dakota johnson image
Bad times at the el royal, bit weird but amazing anyway

A sci-fi movie ~

emmy rossum, beautiful creatures, and dezesseis luas image Temporarily removed
Beautiful creatures, good movie to watch when bored

A horror ~

horror, Stephen King, and jack torrance image Image removed
The shinning, amazing, horrifying!!

thanks for reading!!