so far this year has been good, however, I have done a few things that have caused me to rethink future decisions, change the way I may do things in the future and learned some very valuable life lessons.

lesson number one - don't lie.
lying will only ever do more harm than it will ever do good. if you are caught out in your lie then you will be in more trouble then you would if you initially told the truth. people respect honest people.

lesson number two - don't get caught in other peoples opinions and act upon them.
this is pretty self-explanatory but make sure you think for yourself and only do what is true to your self.

lesson number three - alcohol is not good... from strangers....and if you're underage.... and if you get caught.
don't take drinks from strangers. you may think it will end fine, but it may not.

lesson four - actions have consequences.
don't be dumb, people react in certain ways. understand how what may seem fine in the beginning may not be fine and you might end up with an issue on your hands. recognize potential outcomes.

lesson five - be nice, to everyone.
you may think that your better than someone, however, you don't know what may be happening in their life. in the future, you may never know who you might need to ask a favor from in the future, and if you were mean to them then they may not want to help you.