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So my summer is already over. Next week starts my school again. So at least in germany.There are the summer holidays only six weeks long. As i said in my article -My 2019 summer bucket list- I will tell you how my holidays were and if i did everything on the list.

If you wanna take a look at my To-DO List !

and here are my Summer Collection:

First of all I would like to say that I was at home the whole summer and I was only bored for 2 days from 6 weeks. Besides I didn't had internet for a week and I wasn't bored at all.

Let´s just start!

So I split my summer into five parts.
Once in health, one in appearance, one in school, one in home and one in activities.
I divided the activities into two again.
One is activities that you can do alone and the other is activities that you can do with others. Of course you can do everything alone or with other people.


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So I didn´t eat all the time healthy but I did. I started drinking more water and I did more and often Sport.I cared for my Hair and Nails. I am about to write articles about my routines. I tried to do the 30 days challenge but it was so hard for me...


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So I get a tan and I depilate literally every time. I didn´t get rid of my pimples but they are so tiny you can´t even see it without good lightening.Sure I have a clean face without anything but Ihave a lot of tiny pimples on my forehead they just bother me. I think I have a sun allergy anyways I did a lot of henna eyebrows and freckles at the beginning of the summer. I will do the eyebrows one day before School starts again. I didn´t dye my Hair Purple now, but I will do it one day before School, because it is a wash out Colour. I did the same last year and it look Beautiful , even if I have dark Brown hair.


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OHH I can´t even think about it! Anyways I made summaries of 5 subjects , Biology, art, german, Latin and geography beacause they are the subjects were I will have my final exams. I have to do a presentation at the end of the year for my geography exam and therefore I prepared and wrote emails read articles about my theme and yeah. I guess Im Kind of Ready.I also bought back to School stuff( I will made a list no worry) And I prepared myself for the coming Semester themes in biology and german. Last but not least I learned a Little bit spanish.


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I cleaned and tidied up my room then I started to redecorate everything. I did a simple Desk Diy but I didn´t use it but it was Kind of funny to make. I bought a plant from Ikea and watered it.Does it Counts at gardening work?

Now to the funny part

I did all of my activites beside of volunteering, watching the sunrise, the Trampoline park , open air Cinema and doing a piercing.

I added to my To do list :

✔️Watching movies
✔️going to new Cafes
✔️Face and body painting
✔️letter to myself
✔️making multifandom videos
✔️movie night with family
✔️writing wattpad stories
✔️making new Friends

Last words

I want to say that you shouldn't focus on summer gets boring. I didn't do that. I focused on being positive and having fun.
You know i wrote so many times to the people i called my best friends but they were always doing something more important. They were there the whole summer here and they could ask me but i was always the one who wanted to keep up our friendship. i just want to say that your excuse can't be my friends can' t . i was also alone most of the time and focused on myself and my family. it's not the end of the world but i still think it's a shame. i only notice that when the school is over and we graduate i won't have anything to do with them anymore. i met a new friend last week and i will spend my free time now with her and with those who wanted to see me on holiday and not with my fake best friends because they are not my friends anymore. i also don't act childish i'm tired of being the only one of five who gives everything to their friends and now i don't care about them and i make new friends.

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My summer was wonderful even without them. the summer taught me that I can manage on my own. i had a lot of fun and focused on myself. i had my summer glow up and now it's your turn!

Okay Guy´s that´s it

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