Health implies physical, psychological and emotional aspects. We can't be happy having a stomach ache, we can't be full of beans without certain mood condition, as well as we lose our temper under negative emotions. There is only one ingredient that smooths all these aspects, it's happiness.

Firstly, happiness is good for our health. It improves productivity and creativity at work allowing us to think and learn faster, and more importantly to feel more emotionally connected to our co-workers

Secondly, happiness has measurable effects on physical well-being. Being positive boosts immunity and reduces inflammation. So, it's very important to dream, to care about the closest people and about the environment, to share your love with this world.

To finish, contributing to your happiness you will improve your health and wellbeing. The last advice: creating a culture of happiness in your workplace, home and community, level of your life satisfaction will increase exponentially.