I am back again with something I haven't posted for an EXTREMELY long time. BEAUTY PRODUCTS!!! About time right? 

Through Sampleo I got to be a brand-ambassador for some of the products of L'Oreal Paris. Ooooh fancy! Yeah well you know. Anyway, I got to test 3 new products. The Paradise mascara, the Perfect slim eyeliner and the Chocolates lipstick.

Paradise mascara: Gives you great length in your lashes. It's smooth without bits in it and it gives your lashes the thickness it needs! 

Perfect slim eyeliner: Exactly what every girl needs! A liner that is absolutely perfect to use, easy and a slim liner. No leaks, not too thick and no mistakes!

Chocolate lipstick: Do you dream of having a matt lipstick that stays and doesn't feel to dry? This the one you are looking for. I had it on for a whole day and it didn't dry my lips out and I didn't need to re-apply it. Eating, drinking, talking and nothing came off. Perfect right?!  

I absolutely love this look and these beautyproducts. Hope you enjoyed and check out the way I applied this make up on my Youtube! Check out the link down below!