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Hello hearters! It´s time to go to sleep, so I thought I would take you with me through my everyday night routine a normal July evening
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My night routine starts when me & mom sits in the living room, drinking tea and watching todays news report
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After the news I hung up some laundry in my room
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Then I went into my bathroom to wash my face, brush my teeth, put on lip balm & hand cream
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I just did a little tidy up in my room before heading to bed
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I put on my pyjamas and watched an episode of "Derry Girls" on Netflix, in my bed
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I tried to sleep but then I heard voices, so I had to go check (Turns out it was my brother and his friend, so I went to bed again)
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But now I wasn´t really tired, so I tried to read to get sleepy
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And now I ofc started to get hungry, so I went downstairs and grabbed a banana
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I brushed my teeth again & went to bed for the third time.. I laid awake for a long time until I fell asleep
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Hope you slept well hearters <3 See you soon again