A beautiful demonstration
of how dirt and death
can be utilized and recycled.
Nature, who ever it is
flexes grotesque ways it owns.
Such delineations are the trees,
fineries in our own visual world.
With clemency they heal the dead
they shroud the dirt and the filth
they embrace them
and kiss their deficient traits.
Thus, ingrained seeds
rise in tiny sprouts from earth's surface
they grow heavy thick and strong
steady and still.
They let their leaves though
to merely go with the flow
to wonder around through the air
and with the ones that stay,
they create shelters for rotection
either from the sun or the rain.
And they give birth
to that peaceful sound of a breeze
during a schorching summer afternoon.
How amazing they are
How little we appreciate them.
Yet their trunks withhold carved stories
that linger through time.
Should we pay attention?