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Name: Jade Chai

Title: Princess of the Pearl Isles, heir to Jewell

Age: Sixteen


Jade Chai was born in 282 AC, aboard a ship on the Jade Sea. Over the year, she developed many illnesses because of the travel, escaping death more than once. Her mother took it as a sign from the Maiden-Made-Of-Light, prompting her to build a shrine to her on the Pearl Isles.

Her grandfather, the last yellow emperor, murdered her father before she was born. The only thing she knows about him was his Lysene heritage, which she bears.

From a young age, she built a bond with a white tiger that her mother smuggled from YiTi. She named him Loi, meaning lightning.

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Jade has purple eyes and white hair from her father, while still retaining the YiTish foreign beauty from her mother. Men in Westeros call her the YiTish beauty, singing songs of it even from the North.

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Jade is very brash and outgoing, unlike her mother, who was raised on YiTi's values. Socially, she is bold, in romantic endeavors she tends to be less successful. She tends to be more hotheaded, rushing into things.
She cares little for courtship to find a betrothed, and is more interested in warfare and ruling Jewell. She prefers to stroll in Amathex, meeting the commoners, and riding Loi.

Jade holds the family's ancestral weapon, Araxon. She's practiced from a very young age, despite the taboo in Westeros. Bannermen of the Chai house had learned to fear and respect her, after the fall of House Ushom.