It's not because I am good at it, hell no, I can't really paint nice things and even if I do, you can be sure that I've copied it from somewhere or it's just really basic, really abstract, just lines and splotches.

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I don't even want to paint real work of arts, so there's no pressure at all.Because when we're really trying to master something and perfection is the goal we often lose the pleasure in the course of the process.

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When I'm writing(or I could name a bunch of other activities), I'm trying to do my best, so obviously there are constant questions in my mind:Is this good enough to share?Is this good enough for me at least?
With painting I have no expectations:When my mind is full of mess and can't concentrate on anything, I just sit down with a clear, pure white sheet of paper and with paints from all colors and then I splash and throw and spread paint into that paper.It gives me freedom, because I can do whatever with that empty cardboard and no one, not even me will judge it.

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I would put on some music and paint for the rhymes and then I would feel awesomely flawless and inspired and I wouldn't even stare at the final result, if it's finished even, because that is not the thing that counts in here, it's the pleasure it has caused.
That said, this is why I love painting.
Best wishes,