1. lose 40 pounds

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I wanna get down to 140 lbs. I also wanna get a flat tummy and slim down my face and legs.

2. get good at makeup

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I especially want to get good at doing my eyebrows and learn how to contour properly.

3. get a job

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Self explanatory. I need a job so I can make money and start spoiling myself.

4. learn how to style my natural hair

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Hair is a big part of your look.

5. clear my skin up

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Start buying more products for my skin and just overall taking better care of it.

6. update my wardrobe

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Not sure what my style is yet but I do like Fashion Novas clothes.

7. make straight a's

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I'm tired of making b's and c's like nah starting junior year it's straight a's.

8. find my true friend group

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I want to find my friend group that I can prosper with and we can really grow together and build each other up.

9. get out more

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I'm tired of staying home everyday. I wanna go out and do things with my friends or even by myself.

10. truly learn to love myself

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It's all about self love and learning to embrace your flaws and insecurities.