Jonas Brothers - "Happiness Begins"

I've been dancing on top of cars and stumbling out of bars
I follow you through the dark, can't get enough
You're the medicine and the pain, the tattoo inside my brain
And, baby, you know it's obvious
I'm a sucker for you

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Woke up feelin' like a new James Dean
I comb my hair like an old-school Sheen
I'm feelin' high like a late night summer of last year, yeah

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Only Human
I don't want this night to end
It's closing time, so leave with me again
You got all my love to spend, oh
Let's find a place where happiness begins

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I Believe
'Cause you show me something I can't live without
I believe, I believe, I believe
When you hold me, it's like Heaven coming down
I believe, I believe, I believe

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Used To Be
Spending all your time with your new friends
And you take 'em all the places now that we been
But you used to be the one I love

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Every Single Time
Why do, why do, why do, why do I want you
Even though you make it hard and I don't want to?
And now I'm out here catching feelings like I want you
But all you ever do is look a, look away

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Don't Throw it Away
Take pictures out of all the frames
Pack up your love with all your things
See if it helps, give it a week
I bet no one else gets you like me

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Love Her
Opposites attract and we're the livin' proof of this
But I keep on comin' back like a magnet

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Happy When I'm Sad
I put on a smile, don't need a face-lift
Why can I when everybody fakes it?
Well, they think I'm happy
Like they know exactly how I feel
You ain't real, but they still fake

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I know that I'm better off without you
But I know that I could never live without you

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Time stands still and it's only us
What we feel started way before we ever touched
Just imagine only us

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I will take your pain
And put it on my heart
I won't hesitate
Just tell me where to start
I thank the oceans for giving me you
You saved me once and now I'll save you too
I won't hesitate for you

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It was fun when we were young and now we're older
Those days when we were broke in California
We were up-and-down and barely made it over
But I'd go back and ride that roller coaster

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Come back to me, baby, I'll come back to you
You know the place that I go runnin' to
I get scared when you're scared but what else can I do?
Come back to me, baby, I'll come back to you

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