Basically this is a list of every male character i've fallen in love with. Enjoy

1.-Draco Malfoy (Harry Potter saga): kinda like a bad boy but sensitive too

draco malfoy, gif, and harry potter image
Inspiring Image on We Heart It harry potter, tom felton, and draco image

2.-Bucky Barnes (MCU): another bad boy (kinda)

Avengers, bucky, and Marvel image
Marvel, sebastian stan, and winter soldier image Marvel, sebastian stan, and winter soldier image

3.- Neil Perry (Dead Poets Society movie): smart and sweet boy who deserved better (yes im talking about Mr. Perry)

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dead poets society, neil perry, and Robert Sean Leonard image Image removed

4.- Peter Parker (MCU): nerdy and cute

Marvel, psd, and spiderman image
actors, spider-man, and spiderman image spiderman, tom holland, and Marvel image

5.- Bill Anderson (young) (Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again movie): cutie and adventurous

lily james, cute, and josh dylan image
dylan, josh, and josh dylan image lily james and mamma mia 2 image

6.- Steve Harrington (Stranger Things): best character developement ever

eleven, gif, and joe keery image
stranger things, love, and quotes image icon image

7.- Loki (MCU): sassy and hot

gif, loki, and thor image
icon, stan, and loki image Marvel, loki, and tom hiddleston image

8.-Aladdin (Disney Live Action): cute and romantic

aladdin, gif, and naomi scott image
aladdin image aladdin, disney, and abu image

9.- Troy Bolton (HSM): literally my first real crush

famous, smile, and zac efron image
zac efron, high school musical, and troy bolton image zac efron, boy, and high school musical image

10.-Elio Perlman (Call Me By Your Name): cute

cute, elio perlman, and gif image
call me by your name, timothee chalamet, and elio image oliver, peach, and call me by your name image

11.-Jeff Atkins (13 Reasons Why): he definetely deserved better

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13 reasons why, brandon larracuente, and jeff atkins image Image by Faith.

13.- Ron Wesley (Harry Potter): most adorable boy in the world

ron weasley, ginger, and cute image
harry potter, ron weasley, and rupert grint image Image removed

14.- Pol Rubio (Merlí): baby finally could be happy

pol rubio and gif image
catalonia, blond guys, and merli image catalonia, blond guys, and merli image

15.- Patrick Verona (10 Things I Hate About You): rude but sweet, love him

90s, heath ledger, and movies image
10 things i hate about you, heath ledger, and 90s image heath ledger, smile, and 10 things i hate about you image

16.- Nate Gray (Camp Rock): literally my second crush

nick jonas image
camp rock, funny, and nick jonas image Temporarily removed

17.-Percy Jackson (Percy Jackson Saga): i used to be obssesed with him, gosh i love him

gif and percy jackson image
Image removed Image removed

18.- Peter Pevensie (Narnia): the big king

chronicles of narnia, king, and movie image
the chronicles of narnia, william moseley, and peter pevensie image Image removed

19.- Sirius Black (Harry Potter): daddy

sirius black, remus lupin, and marauders image
aesthetic, childhood, and cinema image harry potter, sirius black, and quotes image

20.-Edmund Pevensie (Narnia): love him

edmund pevensie, gif, and movie image
skandar keynes, narnia, and edmund pevensie image narnia image

that's all hope you like it