This is my first fashion article post! I absolutely adore the Parisian fashion. This style has always been very beautiful and elegant and now, more than ever, is the current biggest fashion trend.

Colour scheme:

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beige, cream, brown. These neutral colours are so simple but extremely elegant and give such a mature and sophisticated vibe to your overall appearance.


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Puffy sleeve tops and dresses are extremely trendy at the moment and, to me, just scream Parisian fashion. Blazers are also something I see quite often with Parisian fashion,of course, in the beautiful caramel brown colour.


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Strappy mid heel sandals! Is it weird to say I am in love with them? I recently fell in love with this type of shoe and can't wait to fill my wardrobe with them. Mid heel heels are so elegant again and give your outfit a classy vibe.


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Simple. Beautiful. When it comes to makeup, winged liner and a red lip (or a nude). Super simple and not over the top. Elegant and classy, very important words tied to this style. context_query=natural+makeup&context_type=search


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I'm a silver girl. However, I can make an exception here. Gold is way more complementary with the colours cream, brown and beige than silver is. Hair accessories are also important including the iconic beret. Don't forget a statement bag, which is important with every fashion trend.

I hope you enjoy reading about what I think are staples in the Parisian style. You can find these sort of clothes almost everywhere but I highly recommend nasty gal which you can find right here -