My goal is to make a post every day this week that is motivational and based on something I learn everyday. Here is a quote that will help you

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I learned a new coping skill to help me recover from negative triggers, whatever it may be for example I get severely triggered by bridges, instead of thinking why and what bad memories are attached to seeing that bridge add a positive one like " I wonder when this bridge was made? this bridge has an amazing view." Instead of keeping the negative attachments (thoughts, memories and events) start to attach positive things looking for things you are grateful for even if it is just the weather. Eventually you will be able to walk over that bridge and not be scared.

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Healing is a tough process for everyone, everyone needs to heal otherwise they continue to bleed from that open wound their whole life. It doesn't matter if other people say you should be over whatever it may be, tell them you need the time to heal, take small steps they will lead you to great places. You always have the right to heal at your own pace, don't let anyone tell you otherwise, just make sure you have a support system, a support system can be made by a group of true friends, family, therapy, or your partner/spouse.

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Take what you need to work on, write it down and work on one thing at a time. You cannot work on everything at once, try writing down all your problems and start with one, learn about why it's a problem for you and what you can do to change it to something better. For example I have trauma from my past I have PTSD from it. So I specifically, I work on what I can do everyday to learn how to cope with the triggers, so everyday I go to a program talk about it in process group.

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By going to group 5 days a week and setting goals for myself as well as using coping skills I've learned I'm starting to take baby steps. It's never too late to start taking those little steps to help your mental health issues or going through the process of healing. If you need support send me a message or make a post, call an old friend or family member that you know truly cares about you. You can do this, do it for you and no one else, you have to help yourself before you can help others the best you can. message me if you guys have any ideas for any of my future posts!XD @CaliforniaDreeamer