HolAaaAa sweetie pies!

I haven't do one of this in a long time... and again I don't money and I clothes.

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Let's do this.

  • Butterfly t-shirt
butterfly, fashion, and french image Temporarily removed
this is so cute I want thousands of this.
  • Rainbow socks
cool, socks, and rainbow image aesthetic, alternative, and fashion image
I need this.
  • Advice t-shirts
Mature image drama, quotes, and shakespeare image
to express my inner self.
  • Pink pants
pink, outfit, and fashion image fashion, jeans, and pink image
This are so cute I wanna die for it.
  • Chunky jewelry
blue, grunge, and choker image clothes, fashion, and alternative image
Chunky jewelry is the best thing ever.
  • Black Converse
converse image converse, aesthetic, and grunge image
basic b*tch want basic converse
  • Plaid pyjama pants
aesthetic, clothes, and korean image aesthetic, icon, and style image
I need this so badly and probably it's because it's winter in my country.
  • Yellow hoodie
yellow, fashion, and clothes image Temporarily removed

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Love, Val