Jesus In LA - Alec Benjamin

Happiness - Rex Orange County

Thirteen - Skofi

Freaks - Jordan Clarke

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"he said: come down to my level, hang out with the devil. let me tell you, in the end" (jesus in la - alec benjamin)

She Dances - Billie Marten

Boxes - Billie Marten

Cartoon People - Billie Marten

Mice - Billie Marten

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"he's picking up the drinks and then he's knocking them back, I've never seen someone who wears a sad little mask like that" (cartoon people - billie marten)

Make It Better - Anderson .Paak, Smokey Robinson

The Bird - Anderson .Paak

Something / Anything - Victoria Bigelow

Dancing Around - Flor

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"I can't wait, I've been longing to be dancing around again" (dancing around - flor)

Want Me Back - Benee

Evil Spider - Benee

Wishful Thinking - Benee

Afterlife - Benee

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"and every part of me was left purple and green, one more lost lonely teen left broke down chasing dream" (afterlife - benee)

Cold Blooded - Khalid

Coaster - Khalid

Cross Me - Ed Sheeran, Chance The Rapper, PnB Rock

I Don't Want Your Money - Ed Sheeran, H.E.R.

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"do you really love me? or is it just revenge? lately, you don't seem so genuine" (cold blooded - khalid)

Game Ova - Tobi Lou

December - Anders, Luca

Phone Numbers - Dominic Fike, Kenny Beats

I.F.L.Y. - Bazzi

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"shawty born in september, made me fall like november. I know it’s been a while since you let somebody in, I can help you remember" (december - anders, luca)

Serotonin - Call Me Karizma

Goodie Bag - Still Woozy

Utraviolence - Lan Del Rey

Neon Gavestones - Twenty One Pilots

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"it's hard to fight this without oxytocin, love is a notion I can't control" (serotonin - call me karizma)