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10.- Boombayah

BLACKPINK in your area
BLACKPINK in your area
Been a bad girl, I know I am
And I’m so hot, I need a fan
I don’t want a boy, I need a man

Badda bing badda boom
When I kick open the door, they all look at me
Even if I don’t try that hard
All guys get nosebleeds, pangpangpang
pangpang parapara pangpangpang
A toast for me right now, clink, clink, clink
Hands up, in my hands there’s a
Bottle full o’ henny
The girl you’ve always heard about, that’s me, Jennie

9.- Playing with fire

I can’t stop this trembling
On and on and on
I wanna throw my all
Into your world
Look at me look at me now
You are burning me up like this
I can’t turn it off
Our love that’s like playing with fire

My love is on fire
Now burn baby burn
Playing with fire
My love is on fire
So don’t play with me boy
Playing with fire

8.- As if it's your last

Can you feel my breath
Wanting you right now
Even when I’m looking at you, I’m
missing you
I’m so bad at this, won’t you set me free

Baby, hold me till I explode
Stop thinking, what’s so hard about this?
Kiss me like it’s a lie
As if I’m your last love

7.- Forever young

Every every night night
I sing sing this song
Know we got that bomb bomb
Come again come again

Forever young boy so we ride or die
You and I ride endlessly
Under the red sunset you are by my side
Pinked out or murdered out like it ain’t no thing
We need nothing, we are the protagonists
Say life’s a bitch? But mine’s a movie
Like my diamond, we’ll shine together
Whenever wherever forever ever ever

6.- See U later

Every time the promises change
And countlessly repeat
The man that you are ain’t shit
Even though I gave you all my heart, no

Your sorry rings like an empty can
Now it all it sounds like is a dog barking
When I come to
Everything about you makes my skin crawl

I’ll throw you away recycle
The girl next to you is an idiot
I’ll tell you today
I don’t want you no more

5.- Kill this love

Look at me Look at you, Who’ll be in more pain?
You smart? Who is? You are
If you cry tears of blood from both eyes
So sorry? Who is? You are

What do I do? I can’t stand being this weak
While I force myself to cover my eyes
I need to bring an end to this love

4.- Don't know what to do

Can someone stop time for a bit
I feel like a big mistake just happened
I tried to laugh it off awkwardly
But I pity myself

I say I am fine but
Don’t know what to do without you
I am left alone in this trivial place
I picture your memories, they’re blue
People change
Why am I like this
On a pretty day like this
How is everything difficult


Think twice
Cuz I can’t act nice like everyone else
Don’t misunderstand
My easy smiles are for myself

You still don’t really know
But if you really want me, test me
It’s obvious, like looking at fire
If you wanted something easy…

2.- Hope not

They say there’s no point in regretting but
I’ll keep thinking of you (I was wrong)
I will smile if I see you
As if nothing happened

For you I’m okay with being hurt
Since I only gave you pain
During the time we were together
But you, the love you want
You need to meet someone better than me and be happy
But I hope not to the point where you forget me

1.- Stay

In your expressionless face
That’s getting more and more dull
I whisper to the mirror,
Let’s slowly let this go
You take me for granted
But that’s you
But still, stay stay stay with me

This sad melody resembles you
It makes me cry eh eh
Your scent is a sweet felony
I hate you so much but i love you