This is for you
The ones that forget
The ones that don’t care
The ones that make up excuses to make yourself feel better
This is unsolicited advice for the ones that are too prideful to listen
The ones that forgot about the people that are the most important
You made a promise
You said you wouldn’t do it
Here we are
You went back on another promise
It isn’t the first time
I don’t know why I’m surprised
I thought I mattered
I guess I’m not good enough for you to try
Here is something I would like to tell you
You didn’t call me
You didn’t text me
You didn’t try to talk to me
You made up some lame ass excuses
It’s school
I’m busy
But then I see you go out of town with your significant other
Then again another excuse
He is with me all of the time
You can’t send one text and yet you have the time to go places
Sweetheart the fact is that you don’t want to put in the effort
In any relationship it isn’t just take take take take and oh wait take again
A measly video to substitute for a real conversation is pathetic
If you want a good friendship with another person
You put in the effort
You try to talk to them
You try to plan things with them
You do things with them
You help them
You encourage them
You are honest with them
You do stupid stuff with them to have good memories with them
You don’t pretend
You don’t act all high and mighty
You don’t be curt just because you’re caught doing something wrong
You learn
You do better
I thought we were going to grow old together
I thought we were partners in crime
But you know what?
You are treating me and other people like they don’t matter
You are treating the people that I thought you cherished with disrespect
When did you become such a bitch?
When did you start acting like this obedient wife to someone who cares about you less than the ones that have loved you for much longer?
What am I to you?
Is this a joke?
You are a literal dog
You rely on a single person for happiness
You don’t really try all that much in anything
Have you been caught yet?
If not please enlighten me
Talk to me
All it takes is the forming of words coming out of your throat
It takes no effort
So why is it so hard?
What happened to the car rides where we screamed our heads off
To the times where we would dance in your kitchen to christmas songs
To the times where you would cook and then we would all eat together
It was as if we were a family
Apparently we weren’t
Because now you’re just a memory
A ghost of someone I thought I knew
I was wrong
This is unsolicited advice for the ones that don’t know how to be a good friend
Talk to your friends
Be honest with them
Lift them up; don’t drag them down
Cherish them; don’t treat them like they aren’t important
Help them to be better
Encourage them to do what they have to
And above all, keep your promises
It’s the littlest promises that matter
Because if you don’t follow through, it’s just practice for the big promises you make
Take it to heart
You never know when you’re going to need it