Hey, hearters! We have just a few mored ays until August begins. And since many schools open in August or early September, I thought it would be wise to post a back to school article to get you mentally, physically and emotionally ready for next months of school.

Let's get started.

Drink lots and lots(and lots) of water.

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Yes, you've heard it everywhere. But honestly, water is just amazing. It's known to help you retain a better memory and helps in skincare. Staying hydrated helps you to be more active which I know we all need in school.

Organization is 🔑

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Usually, at the beginning of the academic year, you don't realise how important organization is. But, you wait. By the end of the year, when your final exams roll around, you'll be looking for the papers you have all your notes on. The book you left under your bed or the file you placed all your digital info on in your computer. Why not save yourself all that stress and organize your things from the start. You could use a binder or a file for your papers. I suggest, when using a binder, that you use dividers. That just makes it easier. You could have a one-inch binder for school and keep a bigger one at home for all your papers. With files, since they're smaller, use one for each subject.
  • Do NOT use paper files or folders. They rip really easily.
  • Label all your journals and notebooks.
  • Colour coordination. Colour code your notes. It's appealing to the eye and easier to find keywords. Highlighters are needed!

Use a planner

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This is cliché and all, but planners help keep track of quizzed, tests, exercises, homework, exams, due dates, school events, emails, reminders and passwords. If you don't have one or haven't used one yet, you better start! you can make it as colourful or as neutral as you want. If your school gives out their custom planner(like mine does), even better. Although, you may still want to buy your own. That's even more customized.

Join a club or a sport team

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This is pretty easy, especially if you already have an interest in the club or team you're joining. For example, I'm in my reading and debate club because I love to read and debate. It's a great way to make new friends and there's a plus. They have the same interest so you have something in common. You could sprout a friendship and help each other out with school work and become quite close. Make sure you are NOT joining the club to be close to one of your other friend's or, even worse, the 'popular' group and not out of your own interest. That is, honestly, very very dumb and not the best use of your time.

Emergency kit — Always be prepared

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This is crucial! You need this so much. Pads, tampons, menstrual cups(for my ladies), tissues, extra money, gum, bandages, extra makeup, Advil, sanitizer, chapstick, lipgloss/stick, deodorant/roll-on, cardigan, sweater, hair ties/scrunchies, etc. They might be needed! You never know what could happen. Buy travel-sized items so that they are portable and easier to move around and you could keep them in your locker as well.

Time Management

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Ughhhhhh. Procrastination. It feels so good at the moment but, like a waste of your time right after. That's because it is. I know it's hard but, please make an effort to do your homework when you can. Preferably, the day you receive it. Study for quizzes, tests or exams whenever you can as well. Make time for it. please. Create a schedule(btw, how do YOU pronounce that word?) and make time for it in your planner.

Space Management

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Find a designated area for your studying, homework and all school-related stuff. This doesn't have to be just one place. You can have a desk in your bedroom for studying and your favourite coffee shop as well. Just make sure that that place is well organized, serene, calm and comfortable. You should be able to work in peace and concentration. I know many people say not to study or learn on your bed or else you will fall asleep but, honestly, I think that depends on the person. I learn on my bed sometimes and do fine. Just make sure you don't dose off. If you do, that's probably not the best for you. Everyone and their own thing.

Drama Free

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Drama is probably the most useless part of school E V E R to exist. Like, what is the point of it?? To make people feel like crap when you're not doing better anyways. If you ever give in to drama, just know that it's going to backfire on you. There are much MUCH more important things out there than that. Like making it into a good university. Or being promoted to the next grade. Or getting all A's and B's. Remember that rumours are just rumours. They are going to die away eventually(just like those who created them).

I really hope you guys enjoyed my article. I know I haven't written one in about 3 weeks and I'm really sorry. I have been terribly busy here and I'm trying my best. I'll try to upload consistently now and have a good day/night!

— A concentrated mind is never disturbed.
— Unknown