hey! I know I did not post in a while but I was verry busy. Today this post is for my best friend...

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Hey Sunshine!

I what to write you this so we can go back here in a few years and say that our love for eachother never changed. I first whant to say that I am sorry if i ever hurt you in any shape or form and that I was stupid to do that. I also need to tell you that you are the best thing that has ever happend to me and that I love you more than anyone could ever love you. I feel that we are a little bit distanced these days but I know that is ok...I can't belive that you are my friend and that I have so many beautifull memorys together. I know that high school is around the corner but I just whant you to know that I will not be so jealous of your new friends lol and that I will always be here for you. You are such an amazing person that has thought me so much in life. You thought me kindnes,loyalty,how to be a good friend. You got rid of my depression. When I have you around I don't have anxiety, I'm not stressed and I feel beautifull when I have you with me. I don't know if God could ever create a better person like you;so smart,kind,funny,goofy,adorable. I can't wait to be on every avent of yours and just cry from happines. I just whant you to know two things... first one;if life ever take us apart just know that I'll still buy your book,still buy your clothes,watch your videos,tell my kids about you and what a real friend should really be like and second when we die and have a 'new life' I promise you that I will try to find you every single time. I love you Sunshine,don't you ever forget me please

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