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1. what grade are you going into?

i'm going to be a junior, which everyone says is the hardest, so i'm lowkey terrified. rip my mental health

2. what are you excited / nervous for this year?

i'm excited for my painting class, but i'm nervous to be taking 3 aps :/

3. what year did you start wearing makeup?

i've been wearing make-up since freshman year, but back then i used to do a full face of foundation, mascara, etc etc every day. i got fucking tired of it lmao. i usually do concealer and eyebrows now unless its a special day

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4. what cliques are there in your school?

my school is weird because there are like 50 girls who all consider themselves "popular" (in a grade of less than 300) and act super clique-y around anyone who isn't one of them. idk whats going on there, but someone lied to them because you can't have 50 friends. same thing with the guys pretty much.

  • the blond squad (yes, seriously)
  • the black girl gang (the racism jumped)
  • the jocks
  • the theater kids
  • the hardcore catholics

5. what clique are you in?

i am a member of the black girl gang (#bgg), but my closest friends are in between those 50 confused popular girls and the "losers." we don't all really have any defining traits except being liberal (georgia tingz) and somewhat artistic.

6. what classes are you taking?

i'm taking ap physics, honors analysis, honors spanish 3, ap english language, ap united states history, and, because i go to private catholic school that loves to waste my time (#ilovejesus), catholicism and major faiths

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7. what is your favorite subject?

spanish for sure, so easy, love the teacher, class is chill. 10/10

8. what subject do you hate the most?

history. idgaf about the united states and i HATE being the only black person in the room when we start talking about racism and shit. not to mention some girl in my ap world history class last year asked what marginalized meant (the whitest question ever asked)

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fuck physics too because that teacher has anger issues and the temper of a 5 year old

9. do you participate in any sports at school?

i play lacrosse, but do NOt get it twisted: i'm doing it for fun and exercise, not because i actually give a shit about lacrosse (and neither does anyone else)

10. what is your typical school outfit

uniform 😜 #privateschooltingz

its not that bad but they started getting super strict on skirt lengths, jewerly (only cross necklaces allowed, one ring per hand, one earring per ear, etc), no socks with logos, two buttons buttoned on the polo, no sweatshirts, etc like luv please, i'm just trying to survive,,,,,,

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we wear basically the green plaid and a white polo. longsleeve in the winter and those ugly uncomfortable ass sweaters u private schools kids KNOW

11. have you ever ditched class?

yes, sort of. one time i was checked out of school then came back, but instead of checking back in and going my class i just walked into lunch and hung out with my friends in that lunch period

12. what's the craziest thing that ever happened at your school?

  • school shooting threat (all the blacks were gone by first period lmfaoooo)
  • a literal crackhead walked on to campus and assaulted a freshman and their mom
  • someone tried to break into the school over the weekend by throwing bricks through the window
  • some dumb bitch in my grade broke the gate for the slightly off-campus parking lot and some wallets and other things one or two of the cars got stolen
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13. what's the worst high school class you've ever taken

its a tie between ap world history and honors chem. i didn't like either teacher and neither of them taught well and i had to learn all the shit on my own. both classes also had this girl that asks stupid questions and hates me for no reason

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but i got a 5 on my ap exam so who really won

14. what do you like the most about your school?

the "school spirit." sometimes it gets obnoxious with pep rallies and whatever, but everyone shows up for football games and does all the glitter and theme and everything which is fun even though our team sucks

and we always have assemblies (for mass usually) so i have to love that mid-morning nap

15. what do you hate the most about your school?

the RACISM. its so casual and accepted and disgusting. basically no diversity. the white kids are always on about how the school is in such a bad neighborhood because its predominantly hispanic. one time there was a hit and run where someone crashed their car with another, then got out of their car and literally ran towards the school. it was the same week the two people got assaulted so there were a bunch of police on campus already. and my teacher says: "he probably ran because he's undocumented" and i was like OH so its like that huh,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

i know since i listed that crazy shit before my school seems kinda unsafe, but truly its the fact that we have like no security, so its on the school not the neighborhood. and over the course of two years that only happened in like two crazy weeks during my sophomore year, so yeah, everybody's just a racist

oh and everybody's homophobic because catholicism!! yay!!!

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16. what is your best high school advice?

don't feel pressured to go to parties or do any stupid shit bc you want to fit in. you're not missing anything, i promise. you will find your crowd eventually, don't worry. at the same time, if you're gonna do stupid shit be smart about it. don't juul in the bathroom or drink at school. and go to homecoming or prom or school events because you'll never have another chance and you might end up having a good time. also, nothing in high school will matter after high school, so just relax and try to have a good time :)

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