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title: lost in my head
genre: alternative rock, indie pop
inspired by: blackbear, Wallows, The Neighbourhood, YUNGBLUD
number of tracks: 15

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track 1: intro (0:09)

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lyrics: this is us...

track 2: up (4:01)

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a punk infused indie song about revenge// lyrics: middle fingers up, not everybody knows you...

track 3: kind of wonderful (2:50)

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sort of a love song// lyrics: you're kind of wonderful, how did i get so lucky...

track 4: fake friends {feat. blackbear} (4:13)

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hip-hop infused alternative song about betrayal// lyrics: it hurts when you find out all your real friends are just fakes...

track 5: notice (3:02)

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alternative song about realizing the truth// lyrics: stop and notice all your mistakes for once...

track 6: velvet skies (4:15)

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indie infused pop song about falling in love// lyrics: wishin' on velvet skies

track 7: bitter (5:03)

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an alternative song about self discovery// lyrics: never knew i was a bitter person until you tore my heart in two...

track 8: love {feat. Rena Lovelis of Hey Violet} (4:06)

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pop punk song about fake love// lyrics: 'i love you' was just fun & games to you...

track 9: ghosts (3:09)

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an indie song about regret & revenge// lyrics: i'll be the ghost in your nightmares..

track 10: lost in my head (4:35)

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an acoustic punk track about real feelings surrounding anxiety and feels of being misunderstood// lyrics: i wish i wasn't lost in my head all the time...

track 11: horror story (3:17)

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an alternative infused indie song inspired by American Horror Story // lyrics: I don't need no horror story to know false hope is the cruelest, you taught me that...

track 12: cliche (2:57)

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a love song about accepting the cliches surronding love// lyrics: love was cliche until i gave you my heart...

track 13: still...{feat. YUNGBLUD} (3:59)

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a hip-hop inspired punk song about feeling love for someone who moved on quicker than the other party involved// lyrics:he still loved her, while she walks hand in hand down the street with someone new...

track 14: little did i know (1:06)

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an alternative rock break-up song//lyrics: little did i know you enjoy him more than me...

track 15: outro (0:53)

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