Hi, in this article I'll write about some of my friends. All my friends are very intelligent, loving, caring, supportive shitheads. I'd never let anyone be mean to them. This is just one friend group, i have 3 more friends but rn I won't write about them. I love my friends with my whole life and if anyone says someting bad about them, I'll cut you.


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His style is very hard to explain.Try to imagine it from pictures. He is a great singer and I'd give everything to see him become big artist. I love his meme-humor. If you mess with him he will fu*k you the fu*k up. I'd describe him as male Cardi B. When he's dealing with something sometimes he won't tell us, and for that he's a pain in the ass. Love him anyway.


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She's 'the bad bitch' in our group. Boys LOVE her, but she always falls for the wrong ones lol, still love her tho. Lots of girls are jealous of her because she is very pretty and also because she is so young and yet very successful. Very powerful and strong girl, let me just say that. She mostly listens to R&B music, amazing dancer and she loves Jordan Peterson.


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I think that she is one of the most open minded and free-spirited people I know. She doesn't care what other people think of her and she always knows the right thing to say. Very calm soul and you can talk to her abour anything. I guess you can say that she has that 'hippie' aesthetic. She likes astrology, books and old music.

That's it. Thanks for reading. Hope you liked it. <3