Hi ! I'm very passionate about the astrology because we can try to read our future or we can see our own personality. It's why I have chosen to present my birth chart in order to see every little part of my personality and if it represents actually myself.

Inspiration :

Sun : Represents one person, the essence of this person, the willingness, the power and the individuality .


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organization, perseverance, concentration, endurance, patience, ascension, honesty, ambition, faithful, wisdom, self-control, require

Ascendant : First impressions, the personality, the physical appaerance, actions and general behavior.


blue, blue skirt, and fashion image aesthetic, girl, and blue image Mature image aesthetic and amber heard image
originality, innovations, altruism, independence, freedom, humanism, revolutionize, provocation

Moon : Represents emotions, subconscious, instincts, habits, memory, imagination, mood, sensitivity, desire.


aesthetic, fuck off, and fuck you image fashion, dress, and model image red, desire, and neon image i like it, i want it, and musique image
independent, impulsiveness, wishful, instability, moody, susceptibility, spontaneity

Mercury : represents the communication, the logical spirit and the intelligence

-------------- Capricorn ---------------

Abusive image girl, sexy, and smart image fashion, outfit, and sexy image black, bored, and mood image
insight, diplomacy, method, intelligence, stiffness, frigidity, rancorous, pessimism, tenacity, sense of justice

Venus : Represents the love, seduction, beauty, affection, harmony, attractions, emotional ties, feelings and pleasures


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believe in big love, idealistic, inconstancy of feelings, uncertainty, doubt, warmess, full of charms and humors, adventurer, big soul, seduction

Mars : Represents the aggression, the physical energy, combativeness, spirit of enterprise and courage, the action, impulse, dynamism, energy, speed, initiatives, aggression and violence.


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anarchy, independence, violence, innovation, chief, directive nature, impulsiveness

Jupiter : Represents the personal expansion, growth, prosperity, opportunities, optimism, honors, generosity, the capital, luck, providence ...


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stay-at-home, dream, greed, chance, merrymaker, artistic

Saturn : Represents the concentration, prudence, perseverance, rigor, responsibilities, limitations, restrictions, prudence, organization, endurance, and discipline.

---------------- Gemini-----------------

city, dark, and girl image girl, beautiful, and hair image aesthetic, black, and grey image Dream, dream catcher, and dreamcatcher image
calculating, scientific, care about nothing, stand-offish, procrastinator, austere, serious, thoughtful, reflexive

Uranus : Represents the originality, individuality, intuition, creative genius, revolutions, lightning, waves, invention, humanism, solidarity and independence.


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humanism, altruism, solidarity, revolution, pulsions, genius

Neptune : Represents the relationship with the Universe and the Divine, the spirituality, dreams, psychic abilities, intuitions, compassions, illusion and the invisible.

-------------- Aquarius-----------------

girl, sea, and night image Temporarily removed editing, theme, and turquoise image cigarette, smoke, and black and white image
compassion, sensitive to the suffering of others

Pluto : Represents the instinctivity, destruction, impulses, obsessions, fantasies and archaic fears.


snake, green, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed fashion, shine, and street style image hands, aesthetic, and dark image
individualistic, ambitious, respected, adventurous

I hope you're like it!