lmao so if you know me at all you know that i love dc comics probably more than anything. i decided to do a little article about my top ten characters!

10. lian harper

love, quotes, and forever image Temporarily removed Abusive image aesthetic, tumblr, and wallpaper image
"bang! bang! bad guy go hospital now."

9. bruce wayne / batman

batman, newspaper, and photography image Temporarily removed batman, Ben Affleck, and bruce wayne image black, city, and architecture image
"all men have limits. they learn what they are and learn not to exceed them. i ignore mine."

8. connor hawke / green arrow ii

smile image arrow, archery, and aesthetic image hogwarts image aesthetic, hands, and couple image
"boxing glove arrows? dad. oh, dad. you're going to be the death of me."

7. damian wayne / robin

Abusive image Image by taesthetc fog, london, and man image dog, black, and doberman image
"i promised my father i wouldn't kill anyone ever again..."

6. mia dearden / speedy

Temporarily removed aesthetic and arrow image cool, pretty, and follow me image Temporarily removed
"whatever time i have... however long that may be... i want to do the thing that's most important to me... i want to fight at your side."

5. selina kyle / catwoman

beauty, clothes, and fashion image champagne, luxury, and party image diamonds, black, and shine image batman, bruce wayne, and cats image
"my world is just shades of grey, batman. that's why you'll never really understand me."

4. dinah lance / black canary

Temporarily removed blonde, aesthetic, and hair image aesthetic and music image Abusive image
"i believe this is the part where our spunky heroines get stinking drunk."

3. oliver queen / green arrow

gif and Charlie Hunnam image Mature image bed, girl, and stockings image daddy dom, boy, and kinky image
"i don't know... the thought of skinning a drug-lord gives me kind of a warm feeling."

2. jason todd / red hood

gun, aesthetic, and weapon image boy, photography, and eyes image aesthetic, neon, and red image Temporarily removed
"i'm sorry, i'm never going to be the hero you want me to be."

1. roy harper / arsenal

Image by Jara Temporarily removed black, passion, and red image Temporarily removed
"how about 'do better'? i'm giving it a try myself. it's not easy, but you'll end up a lot happier."