Summer would be over soon. Now is the time to drop what you're doing and head outdoors, even if you don't have anything planned. Whether its bag-packing around Europe or sitting on the grass with a good book, let's enjoy what summer has to offer.

These are 7 of the list of places I would like to visit. I hope it inspires you guys to "shut up, and go!" as @DamonandJo would say.


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Paris, France


italia, places, and venezia image aesthetic, theme, and travel image bike, firenze, and italia image city, italy, and river image
Venice, Italy


Temporarily removed amsterdam, architecture, and beautiful image amsterdam, architecture, and beautiful image amsterdam, place, and travel image
Amsterdam, Netherlands


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Porto, Portugal

Welcome To New York!

travel, city, and new york image Image removed Brooklyn, city, and new york image city, nature, and new york image
New York City, USA

Ya / Γεια!

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Athens, Greece

The Bahamas!

bahamas, summer, and sun image bahamas, Caribbean, and all inclusive resort image bahamas, beach, and blue image bahamas, belleza, and mar image
Nassau, Bahamas

If these are some of the places you have on your travel bucketlist, it's waiting for you :)
Thanks for reading!
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