While the sky was being covered by the grey clouds and the sun hid behind one of them, I was woken up. The sound of the water pouring down from the shower and the vapour coming out of it walked to my room. It was a Monday, one of those lazy summer days when you have nothing to do. With an annoyed stare, I looked at the ceiling. It was white, clean, but the shadows of two human-like figures danced on it. It was my parents, talking loudly about God-knows-what. Shortly after becoming aware of my surroundings, I realised with a pinch of surprise that they were not talking to each other: they were telling me to go get ready.

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At the beach, the wind was blowing and small, curly waves were being painted on the blue sea. Only few of the hotel's residents, myself included, had decided to go wet their feet in the soft sand. The beach umbrellas were closed, they looked like blue and yellow spikes, coming out of the ground, between the beach chairs. Feet walked gracefully on the velvet sea of sand up to their places, already decided by the life guard - a handsome blond man, with a square jaw and a harsh, tan face.

And then, it started raining. A few drops of cold water, then more and more and more, and all the people disrupted the calm of the sand, quickly walking away. I sat still, looking in front of me, at one particular wave that was coming my way, just to disappear in the immense blue it came from. A book sat on my lap, The Pillars of the Earth, by Ken Follett. It is not a small book, as it looks quite similar to a brick, yet it surprisingly does not weigh much. With the weight of the crown book, I looked at the blurred figures walking away.I felt the cold, persistent, refreshing drops hitting my legs, then my stomach, then my face, but I did not care. I would have gotten wet anyways, when my body immersed itself in the salty waters of the sea.
I lay on my sky blue beach towel. It's an old cloth that has seen so many sunsets that you would not be able to count them. I started reading, the textured paper tickled my fingertips while I tried to find the exact point I stopped reading.

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After a page or two, the sun came out of its hiding place, it peered from the back of a cloud and laid his rays on the ground, illuminating the page I was reading and creating harsh shadows on the sand.
Few people, even fewer than the ones who came in the first place, had remained in front of the ocean and now I was left alone with another patient yet annoying family. The day went on, between paper fights, words of the twelfth century and sun rays. The day went on, between the sun picking up its palette and watercoloring the light, shining sunset colours on everything.

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this has been day two of the 15 days writing challenge!

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I hope you enjoyed this article as much as I enjoyed writing it!
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