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Pearl hair acessories, or pearls in general, have been really on trend! I love pearls because they can make any outfit look really girly and princessy. However, they can also look really cool and modern if you pair them with different outfits. They are really versatile!
Here are some ideas on how to wear pearl hair clips, I hope you enjoy!

One single hair clip

If you’re feeling like you want to be more subtle with your pearls this is a great option for you!

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Multiple of the same hair clip

This option is definitely more of a statement, but it looks really cool and modern.

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Mix and match different styles

You can get different hair clips and wear them together or you can buy a pack that already has different styles.

  • Just two, for a more subtle look
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  • Multiple
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With different hairstyles

We usually see lips on hair that is down, but why not try a different hairstyle? Have fun!

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