Lovely isn't it? How they think they know what we want when even a word didn't pass the parting of our lips. How they know who we are when we weren't asked for an answer.

Lovely, oh so lovely.

Perceptions of us flying in their heads, being the only truth that they can see. Fragments of people, the ones that we're suppose to be and miles away from who we are. Oh, if they would just listen...

I am a world and they are to.

I am so much more than what you see, follow my actions, listen to my thoughts, let me breath, just let me be. Not someone you thought me be, not a ghost the past might hold but the one standing right in front of you, look at me...

And we try, we try so hard, in vain with all, with all that's done.

To them that's all that we remain.

A someone their fantasy arised.

Oh so lovely, isn't it?