As I sat in the train and looked up to the sky, I thought about those days, when I left the city. Especially those days, when I sat in the car, watching the town I grew up passing by. Every second took me more far away. With this, every second made me to think about all the memories that I collected there. In those moments, I often closed my eyes and talked with the city in my thoughts and said "bye, see you in a few weeks hopefully".
But today in the train, there was something different running in my mind.
What about the day I don't leave the town, but the world?
Death doesn't scare me that much.. It is something that will happen for sure and I think it is worth to think about.
What about the day I will leave this world? To whom do I say goodbye then? It won't be only the memories, my house, school, university or the skyline.. it will be the sky itself. It will be the air that I am breathing in, it will be sun that I am feeling and the birds that I am hearing. There will be so much to say goodbye to..
These thoughts are not to overwhelm you or sadden you.
I am sharing my thoughts with you to remind you being grateful for each day. Breath, see, hear, feel and be grateful for everything.
Because: "a grateful heart is a magnet for miracles"

wishing you well