Hello!!!!!!!! I'm going into sophmore year this August, meaning last year I was a freshman, and I'd like to give some advice for anyone in the same position I used to be in!!!! I was kinda terrified at first because I came from a really small charter school into a huge public highschool, and I knew it was going to be so different. But it turned out to be a great year and I learned
a lot!!!!! So without further ado here's some advice I think you'll find helpful!!!!!

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  • First of all, upperclassman are NOT going to pick on you just because you're a freshman. I know on tik tok and social media there's been a bunch of jokes at your expense and it's scaring a lot of people, but it most likely won't happen in real life. A lot of people will be willing to help you rather then hurt you
  • ^^ It's a tradition to make jokes about incoming freshman every single year, we don't hate your class anymore then we were hated last year (I say "hated" very loosely)
  • If you have a map of the school in your planner or something use that to find your classes before the first day, like map it out in your head
  • Something I did for the first couple days was screenshot my schedule (with all the room numbers and times) and set it as my phone lockscreen wallpaper so it was easy to see
  • Ask for help if you need anything, people will probably help you because we've all been there before
  • For Freshman girls- the chances of a senior boy trying to date you aren't as high as memes make it seem. It probably won't happen BUT if it does (it did happen to me) do not date them because chances are they're just looking for sex and don't care about you, they're just being predatory against someone who doesn't know better
  • Don't be loud. Please no screaming. It pisses people off.
  • Obviously stay on the right side of the hallway and don't walk too fast or too slow (I always walked too fast and stepped on the back of peoples shoes and stuff)
  • Tip for if you're as bad at walking in the halls as I was: When you're walking look at where you're going, not the floor, because it helps people know where you're going so they can avoid you
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  • You're going to embarrass yourself eventually. Maybe a lot, maybe you're lucky and you won't do it as much, but either way don't stress because it happens to everybody and no one will remember. You gotta learn to move on
  • Freshman grades do matter, not as much as your Sophmore and Junior grades but make sure to keep them up (I didn't find the academic part hard at all, and hardly ever had to do homework at home after school because I managed my time right)
  • Skipping class is addicting, so I don't recommend it in general, but if you do choose which class wisely (I skipped algebra a bunch because my teacher didn't take attendance, but in the end it hurt my grade so I don't recommend)
  • Be as outgoing as you physically can at the beginning of the year. I was a super shy kid before but I tried to put myself out there and I made more friends. It's worth getting out of your comfort zone
  • Don't talk back to the teacher or anything like that. it's annoying and people won't laugh like in middle school and the teacher will be more harsh
  • Get on your teacher's good sides
  • There may be a class that you're terrified to go to because it's outside of your comfort zone (for me it was soccer/volleyball class and ceramics) but after a few weeks you'll be used to the expectations and start to really enjoy it!!!!
  • It doesn't take long to get used to everything. Within like two weeks I felt like I'd been in highschool forever (in a good way)
  • Don't get into drama, there's no point
  • It's not like the movies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's not!!!!!!!!!!!! There aren't cliques or anything and I didn't see bullying!!!!!
  • Stay organized- keep your backpack clean and use your locker if you need to
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  • For anyone who never used a locker room for gym before and is scared like I was: people won't judge you while you're changing and getting ready. It's really not a big deal like at all
  • PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do extracurriculars/after school clubs/sports !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please!!!!!!!! I promise it will be worth it!!!!!! Even if you can't find one you're really interested in, pick one you wouldn't mind and go to it. If you really don't like it you can stop going but at least try!! Get the most out of some of the best years of your life
  • Go to the school dances. Like I said earlier I was a really shy kid and didn't know how to dance or have fun like that. I was scared and self conscious to go to homecoming and I thought I wouldn't dance but I got with my friends and danced and had fun!!!!!!!! I didn't want to leave, I had so much fun!!!!!
  • Participate in the school spirit and pep rallies. It's not cool to do the whole "this is lame" thing

That's it!! I'm sure I'm forgetting some but that's okay. If you have any more questions or just need reassurance because it's scary, or anything like that, please message me!!!!!!! I'm more then happy to help!!

Hope you enjoyed!!!!!