It was 9 months ago when I first met you. We barely talked, better said didnt talked haha.
And now we are here, with a lot of memories, inside jokes, great friendship and i feel like i know you my whole life.
I love every minute we spend together. Talking about life or partying, everything.

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I do remember when you said to me that i am a very good friend of yours. And i am very happy about it because i always try my best to help you and be the great friend in many ways.

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Its a long distance friendship but i dont feel like it, because we are always in contact and i hope we will stay in contact even when we'll go to different collages. And you always come to see me when there´s a party in my neighbourhood.

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I dont care that you have ups and downs or your anger attacks, i still very very very like you and appreciate you because you didnt hurt me or do anything bad to me.

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If you sometimes feel down about yourself, remember that you are a strong person with good heart. And dont let any girl broke your heart ever again.

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Keep going.