Hello everybody and welcome to my article today , if you haven’t checked the first part please read it first :

i already mentioned books/movies in the first part and now I will mention Anime/series .

// Let’s start with series I didn’t watch much it’s just one //

// Vikings //

○actually it’s 5 seasons , as I remember it’s +50 episodes ..someone close to me recommended it for me and I started season 1 and it was 12 episode , it’s talking about the vikings and they are real they were a group of people in the north of Europe with unique traditions and weird beliefs about gods they fought other countries to steal their gold and own the land , I finished season 1.

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// Now to the Anime //

1/ Attack on Titan:

No one who is otaku and don’t know that one , it’s so popular and known , it talks about a world of people lives under the threaten of titans all the time , to avoid this they built three giant walls to protect themselves , but one day a titan appeared who is taller than the wall and it never happened for a long long time so it was weird , a lot of people died as well as the main character’s mother who is “ Erin eager “ , from this moment he decides to take revenge and kill all the titans , but first they should know who is the real enemy ?! Is it really the titans or someone else!! No one know the secret of titans or how they originated but in season 3 part 2 it’s discovered and known, it contains a lot of characters who are amazing besides to the main ones but my favorite one is “levi ackerman” ❤, this anime is really amazing it’s my favorite one and highly recommended , it consists of 3 seasons till now and season 4 is said to be released fall 2020 which I”m waiting and excited about.

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2/ Snow white with red hair :

It was on my Anime list for a long time but finally I decided to watch it , my sister recommended it for me in the first place , it’s 2 seasons each one is 12 episodes , it tells a story of a girl who has a red hair and it’s very rare so the prince wanted to have her as his pride even if she don’t want to , when she knew that she decided to ran away so she cut her hair and made it short and left it behind her and then she left her home and her job she didn’t want to do something she don’t like , she went to the town next to her own and there she met the prince zayn ( beautiful name 😹) and that was a coincidence but after that he slowly started to fall in love with her .... This Anime is a motivation one and also romantic , I like season 2 more than the first actually but it’s all wonderful .

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3/ The promised Neverland :

I’m so excited about season 2 , that one is a little bit weird because the mystery hasn’t been solved by the end of the first season , a group of children live in an orphan house and a women they all call her “Mama” takes care after them but they don’t know anything about the real world or what’s behind the walls because there’s a limit for their freedom and from then and while a child is chosen to have a family and be sent outside the house and the walls but one day 2 children “Noramn” and “ Emma “ wanted to give the girl who chosen to move her toy , they all live there as a family , they discover that their friend is dead and the truth is they take the children to be eaten by the devils after they grow at a certain way , no one knows what’s going outside these walls or how the devils existed or even why “Mama” don”t help them but instead she help the devils to eat the children so Norman and Emma decided to ran away with all the children and not to leave anyone behind them , it’s really awesome and different one, still waiting for season2 .

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4/ Dororo :

That one talks about a man who is married and in charge of a town but this town went through bad times as lack of rain and food and the people suffered a lot so this man made a deal with the devils to help him raise the town and bless them with food and rain and to be rich in order to take from him everything they want , so a consequences for that whose wife who is pregnant she gave a birth for a boy skinless and all his limbs are gone and have no eye / nose or even ears but somehow he is alive and can breath , his father knew that the devils are the ones who did this but he was happy as for that the people won’t suffer anymore they left him in a boat in the river , a man found him and give him Artificial limbs and he was kind of living and that man taught him how to fight even he can’t see but he can see the color of soul if that one is good or bad , so he left that man and went away and met a boy called dororo who will turn out at the end of the Anime that she is a girl not a boy and they started their journey ( fighting devils and every time he kill one of them he gets back something they took from him) until he gets back all his body parts at the end of the Anime , it was amusing one.

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5/ Another :

Actually this one is pretty weird but I like weird things , it simply tells a history of a class from a long time that a good girl died when she is in a high school and everybody loved her but after that a boy said that she didn't die and she is still there in the class and that he can see her and then a lot said the same thing and in the photo were all the class was taking the girl appeared in it although it must be dead , after that a curse has begun in that class where each month one from the class dies in a shit way somehow like final destination even some of their families die too , this happens since a long time ago , the Anime includes a boy who is new to all of this and struggles to understand before he realizes it people starts to die one after the other.. It was interesting how they will manage this and what happens in the end.

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6/ Attack on Titan junior high school :

I couldn't resist that because I couldn’t wait until season 4 comes out in fall 2020 and I needed more of attack on titans so I decided to watch this and it was so funny that I kept laughing along the 12 episodes , I watch it when I need to laugh actually 😅 it’s a funny version of attack on titans and highly recommended for attack on titans fans.

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7/ Owari no seraph season 1&2 :

My sister has recommended it for me since a long time until I knew that the company who produces Attack on Titan is the same that produces owari no seraph that’s when I knew it will be good , both seasons are amazing the main characters were hot ( I mean mika 😹) , it simply about vampires and people who live in the same world together as enemies after a versus who took over the world that caused death to most of the people in the world , the vampires took children and convinced them that they will protect them and provide them with food and safety in order to take blood from them from once and a while , so a group of friends were living there, including two boys ( the main characters) and they decided to run away, but unfortunately all of them killed except one that managed to escape and the other boy was transferred to be a vampire , so what will happen when they met again in the continuous wars between people and vampires !! i'm still waiting for season 3.

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This summer was the best actually I made the best of myself.

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