We Only Have This Moment
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— Pain often comes without warning.

The reason we hurt, I believe, is because we want to belong. We want to be loved and want to love others without the pain that naturally comes with love.
A perspective to take into account is that pain often comes without warning. We expect life to treat us as kindly as we treat it.
But the harsh truth is we are owed nothing in this life.

We have all been conditioned to believe whatever we have or acquire in life, whether it be love from family and friends, money, possessions and status are ours. The hard pill we've had to swallow time and again is that whatever we were sure of in our heart, can be taken as quickly as it has been received. So quickly, it feels like the memory of ever having it was just a figment of our imagination. A dream we've been abruptly woken up.

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We weren't taught enough as children that pain is as inevitable as our existence and to anticipate it's arrival whenever we are in content phases of our lives. We have to learn to live with pain instead of dreading it. Pain is the most transformative emotion; it is meant to destroy what no longer serves us anymore.It is not designed to hold us back. Pain breaks down a perspective so that we may blossom anew.

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That is why we sometimes hold on to pain because we're not ready to invite the new perspective into our lives. We're afraid we'll get hurt again. As if the hurt is something that can be avoided. No. Hurt is the one thing that will always be constant in our lives.
When you think about it, we don't own anything in life. Nothing and no one belongs to us. There are very few things in this life we can hold on too. None of them being peoples love or material possessions.
We only have this moment. That's it. And we have to the potential to create anything we want within that knowledge of being.
We only have this moment. Be gentle with yourself because this moment can be what propels you to new heights. If you allow yourself to live presently.

— Naha Daher

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For everyone who took the time to read this, thank you. I meant that. You don't have to but that you deem it worthy of your time means a lot to me. I hope this article helps even a little. No one knows all the battles we deal with every day. Even if we want to share every detail, somethings feel too heavy to burden others. Our demons are often quiet in their existence. But please, wherever you are in your personal journeys remember you are of the living ones and with that comes the gift of fighting for another day.