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name :

blue, constellations, and stars image girl, planet, and stars image
Lyra [meaning : harp-like constellation in the northern hemisphere ]

power :

black and white, dark, and gif image
asterokinesis also called astrokinesis is the powerful ability to mentally manipulate the energy generated by stars as well as their electromagnetic, gravitational, radiation and cosmic energies.

appearance :

billie eilish, billie, and eilish image eyes, eye, and brown image Temporarily removed girl, makeup, and skin image
blue hair, brown eyes, tan skin and face full of freckles


Temporarily removed beautiful, blue sky, and flowers image Image removed Temporarily removed
stars, high trees, any necklace with a star on it and roses

personality :

chaos, dark, and quotes image bitchy, confidence, and confident image quotes, mind, and people image quotes, aesthetic, and cartoon image
bitchy, independant, quiet, nice but can be mean if you annoy her too much

fairy looks :

Copyrighted image fashion, style, and red image fishnet and outfit image shoes, fashion, and purple image
purple-ish wings, long sleeves top, black shorts with fishnet tights and purple thigh high boots

modern look :

aesthetic, alternative, and color image girl, fashion, and style image fashion, shoes, and black image fashion, style, and outfit image
plaid skirts, tank tops + jeans, boots and lots of fluffy sweaters

pet :

Image removed Temporarily removed
white cat named Nova

birth place :

Inspiring Image on We Heart It supernatural, angel, and castiel image
she does not know where she was born, she fell from the sky as a baby ; she was probably born from a dying star

aesthetic :

girl, friends, and shadow image grunge and electric guitar image Temporarily removed cat, purple, and aesthetic image heart, light, and green image black, grunge, and dark image
she is very close with Musa because of their passion for music
with love,
sunny ♡