• too many scrunchies
  • lots of polaroids
  • seashell necklace
  • addicted to tiktok
  • wears all Brandy Malville
  • always taking photos
  • friendship bracelets
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NADIA: Kpop stan

  • loves Asia and its culture
  • kpop albums
  • shy
  • phone filled with idols' photos
  • owns a twitter fan account
  • k-drama
  • photocard inserted in the phone case
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VALENTINE: rock 'n roll enthusiast

  • she's still in that Avril Lavigne phase
  • mostly dark clothes
  • seems tough actually is a softie
  • dresses like a baddie
  • dyes her hair a lot
  • wants tattoos and piercings
  • middle fingers
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BRIDGET: Asia enthusiast

  • asian fashion
  • manga and anime
  • wants to visit Japan
  • reads books written by asian writers
  • videogames
  • plushes
  • ramen
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