Hi everyone. I am thrilled to know that you want to read my article. This one is about what is in my backpack for school. This summer I decided to make a series of back to school articles. You’re the lucky person reading my first one. It’s about the essentials for in your backpack. Are you excited? I definitely am! Let’s goo

Emergency kit

School is hard, like a war, you have to survive. You need this stuff in your backpack if you want to win the war. Here are some ideas: a lip balm, tissues, a portable phone charger, money, food, medications, earphones, deo, gum, cleaning wipes and hand soap.

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Everyone says it, bring an agenda. But it’s true. In school you will probably get tons of information and your brain isn’t a superhero. Help it out to write important stuff in your agenda, that way your brain has to remember less stuff.

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Yeah school books we all love them, not. It is n my backpack but not because I wanted it. But you better take them to school that way your teacher won’t get mad

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Clean clothes are a must in my opinion. Maybe you drop food on your shirt and then you can put on another shirt which is actually clean. In my country (the Netherlands) we have to go to school on a bike. Sometimes it rains really hard and when I arrive at school I look like I just jump into a swimming pool.

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As a teenager you have to drink a lot, like A LOT! So stay hydrated and put a cute water bottle in your backpack.

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So this was my first article of the back to school serie. I hope you enjoyed, if you did click on the heart please. Because it is a serie you can expect more school relative articles like tips, lunch ideas and resolutions. I hope to see you on my next article. For now, bye bye sweeties