Feeling all alone once again. Thoughts sounding like lyrics from a sad old song. Strangely making her realize that she's not alone, with thousands of people feeling somewhat the same, proven by those lyrics they wrote. Finding the courage to accept it's only the easier way out, to feel alone and misunderstood instead of reaching out and saying out loud - This is me. I am struggling, I accept it and I am willing to work on it and change it, if not, embrace it and live with it as best I can. - Instead of hiding from the world, pushing people away, pushing love away.. not taking the blame for any of it. Making everyone else the wrong person when it's clear that the wrong person for her is the her that she is now. The her that she is stuck with because she is scared of living life. A life with pain, risks, mistakes, tears and everything in between. A life that wouldn't be a life if not for all of those things. Finally admitting to herself the truth she's always known. It's only her that's stopping her from living free.