a list of my favourite vocal queens and my three favourite songs by them :)


fashion, outfit, and instagram image kehlani and tattoo image girls, haïr, and kehlani image kehlani image
  • Honey
  • Distraction
  • Touch

Olivia O'Brien

olivia obrien image Image by 🦋 Image by Alice olivia obrien image
  • We Lied To Each Other
  • Root Beer Float (feat. blackbear)
  • RIP

Jessie Reyez

jessie reyez image canadian, figures, and los angeles image jessie reyez image jessie reyez image
  • Imported (feat. 6LACK)
  • Apple Juice
  • Figures


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  • I Like U
  • move!
  • Pools

Kiana Ledé

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  • Fairplay
  • EX
  • Shame (feat. Blackway)

Hayley Kiyoko

asian, blonde, and brown eyes image hayley kiyoko, beautiful, and lesbian image hayley kiyoko, hayley, and lesbian image singer and hayley kiyoko image
  • Curious
  • I Wish
  • Palace

Charlotte Cardin

b&w, beautiful, and girl image charlotte, cool, and cardin image art, beauty, and black&white image art, beauty, and black&white image
  • Like It Doesn't Hurt (feat. Nate Husser)
  • Les jupes
  • Double Shifts

Bea Miller

bea miller, aesthetic, and girls image Temporarily removed aesthetic, flawless, and pink hair image bea miller image
  • it's not u it's me (feat. 6LACK)
  • S.L.U.T.
  • feel something


axis, kpop, and remember image yg entertainment, katie, and katie kim image katie, korean, and katie kim image katie, yg, and katie kim image
  • Remember
  • Love Kills
  • Better Off

Nina Nesbitt

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  • The Best You Had
  • The Moments I'm Missing (feat. Goody Grace)
  • Loyal to Me

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