hiiiii y'alllllll.
here I am again. I really loved making an oc,and I decided to do one for my favourite tv show: brooklyn nine-nine.
I'm constantly forcing people to watch and love it,because honestly it's the best show I've ever watched and I'm very proud for watching it since episode 1.
maybe I'll do more about my favourite series,but only time will say.
enough talking,I guess.
also,I haven't said that before,but sorry if there's any grammatical mistake. english is not my native language and I learned it by myself.
hope you enjoy it.


basic info

name: Gabriela Quintanilla
nicknames: Gaby or Gab by the squad,Q in the academy she attended to,"Jackie Lynn Thomas from star vs the forces of evil" by Jake,Gae (gay bae) by Adeline
age: 27 (2019)
birthday: aug 10th,1992
star sign: leo


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Gab looks like an anime character. she has short platinum hair with cute bangs,green eyes and golden brown skin. she looks like a tennage girl,what makes it easier for her to get undercover in certain cases.


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her aesthetic is really simple. black is her shit. jeans+shirt+leather jacket is her lucky match for anything in her life.


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gay,sarcastic and temperamental are the three words that defines her. Gabriela's really intelligent and strategical,quite manipulative. she's a leo,afterall. she has an acid sense of humor,most of the time making jokes about specific topics,like her favourite pop culture shit or political issues. she has anxiety and random energy peaks,what makes her a workaholic when she's too excited or stressed.


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detective in the 99th brooklyn precinct



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Gabriela has hispanic blood. her mom is a beautiful mexican woman named Carla Quintanilla,who was a dancer with a band while she lived in San Miguel de Allende.she met her husband Nathan O'Connel - an american man - when he was traveling to Mexico on his birthday. he fell in love for that amazing woman,they got married and then came Gabriela. she keeps her mom's surname in protest against xenophobia in America,her lovely home country.


bridge, new york, and sky image boy, Brooklyn, and brooklyn bridge image
she was born and rased in Brooklyn. she had a pretty normal childhood,attending to the PS 195 and there meeting her best friend and reason she joined the NYPD,Drew. when they were teenagers,Drew got addicted to drugs,became a criminal and died on overdose. that broke Gab's heart forever and she decided she'd fight against that shit,so young boys and girls wouldn't end like Drew.



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Jake's best friends with Gab since day one. he was the detective responsible for helping her in her early days,and they became besties right after he quoted a vine and she recongnized it. they quote vines all the time now.
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she thinks he's a really weird person,but she likes him even though he can be a really gross person. and he is,most of the time. and she also loves his son,Nikolaj,but she hates when Charles gets into a infinity loop when it comes to pronoucing his name.
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Gab and Gina don't a have a defined relationship. they're always making fun of Amy,talking about the zodiac or talking about Gina herself when they're together,but they're not really close.
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Amy's like a bigger sister for Gabriela. they're both really smart,and even joking about anythings that Amy does,they worked really well together before Amy become a sargeant.
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Holt and Gab get along together really well,if you can believe it. she being the youngest detective at the precinct and they both being black and gay in the NYPD made them very close to each other,he being really fatherly and always helping her.
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Terry's the sweetest person she's ever met. she thinks is so cute the way he treats the squad like it's his family,and he was really lovely when she came to the 99th.
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Rosa and Gabriela became friends immediately. their dark souls matched so well that it looks like they've grown up as best firends. they've made out a few times in the bathroom,but they're just good friends now. they like to watch old movies and make fun of Jake in spanish.

love interest

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Gabriela's dating this girl she met at the museum. Gab loves art and met Adeline,an art student,when she went to the Metropolitan Museum fo Art on a day off. they talked a little bit and went to a coffee shop,and never stopped seing each other. Adeline is a super funny and smart girl. she's sweet and always helps Gab when she's having an anxiety crisis or only just making she feel loved. they've been dating for 4 months now,and thinking about moving together to their own apartment.


sorry if it's a long ass article,but it was really funny to do it.
hope you liked it.


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