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1. favourite band

stray kids, han, and felix image
SKZ, 'cause they frickin' hot and cuties at the same time... uwu

2. celebrity i would marry

hyunjin, kpop, and stray kids image hyunjin, stray kids, and kpop image
Hwang Hyunjin... cute, hot, amazing dancer and dramatic af like me... that my boi.

3. girl celebrity i would date even though i'm straight

kpop, suzy, and kdrama image kpop, suzy, and kdrama image
that weird girl named Bae Suzy... I love her so much that when I see her i'm pregnant.

4. favourite actress

apple, drama, and icon image drama, icon, and korean image
Ok so.. I really love Lee Jieun's talent for acting especially in Persona. Isn't she look cute? No? JESUS SHE'S 26, SHE LOOKS LIKE A 16 YO GIRLS.

5. celebrity who was my first crush

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Jorge Blanco i think. When I was 6. I really love Violeta at the time!

6. celebrity i would love to kiss in a movie/show scene

felix, kpop, and lee felix image
Félix, I don't know why, I just want to kiss his little baby lips.

7. celebrity i would love to trade lives with

No one, i'm great where i am!

8. favourite disney star

Inspiring Image on We Heart It cameron boyce image
Cameron Boyce! I really like him.. Rest In Peace little angel! :)

9. celebrity i would love to be best friends with

sadie sink, stranger things, and roleplay image girl, pretty, and wow image
Sadie Sink, I think we can be super best friends! We are totally the same, she's a great actress too.

10. favourite songwriter

stray kids, han jisung, and bang chan image

11. actor/actress from my favourite movie

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Alfred Enoch from Harry Potter. I love him he just soooooooo cute!

12. actor/actress from my favourite show

finn wolfhard, it, and stranger things image finn wolfhard, stranger things, and boy image it, stranger things, and finn wolfhard image it, stranger things, and finn wolfhard image
Finn Wolfhard from Stranger Things.. uwu uwu uwu uwu uwu uwu uwu uwu uwu uwu uwu uwu

13. celebrity i would do anything to meet

stray kids, felix, and icon image header image header image Temporarily removed
All the membres of Stray Kids but especialy my biases : Hyunjin and Félix

14. celebrity whose concert i would love to go to

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blackpink image concert, kpop, and momo image
SKZ (its today in Paris ;-; 30/07 #poorgirl), Blackpink or Twice concert

15. celebrity i would like to bring back to life

Jonghyun, SHINee, and boy image
Jonghyun - Shinee (1990-2017)
rise and ladies code image Image by Mrdjay Jojoe
Rise & Eunb - Ladies Code (1991 & 1992-2014)
Image by 0229
Cameron Boyce (1999-2019)

16. celebrity i would love to invite for dinner

eating, food, and minnie image eating, food, and minnie image
Minnie Nicha Yontararak. If she shared the same love for food we could spend a very good dinner.

17. celebrity whose voice i would love to have

japanese, kpop, and momo image japanese, kpop, and momo image
Momo's voice! Many people don't like her voice but I love it, more then Nayeon and Jihyo's one!

18. celebrity whose wardrobe i would love to own

blackpink, lisa, and kpop image fashion, girl, and k-pop image fashion, girl, and k-pop image lisa, blackpink, and kpop image
The clothes that Lisa wear always impress me! I like 90% of the outfits she wears. So I think I will turn my choice towards Lalisa.

19. celebrity i have seen in concert or am going to see

:/ #poorgirl

20. celebrity i would love to interview

Chan, jun, and wow image