○ ○ LEE HI (이하이) - 누구 없소 (NO ONE) ft. B. I LIVE

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○ ○ 방탄소년단 BTS - Dionysus _ Little K-Tigers ver.

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Just a brilliant cover of the Dionysus by kids performing martial arts.

○ ○ 2Moons2

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If you liked the 2 Moons - the Thai BL series then you'll be happy to know that there is a remake that takes the story further. They changed the cast but all of them are as lovable as the original one and it has English subtitles right away.

○ ○ Remaking BAD GUY Without Leaving This IKEA

Kurt Hugo Schneider is famous for being crazy talented but this time he outdid himself. He created a remake of a Bad Guy by Billie Eilish using the sounds he could create in Ikea and he even shot a music video in there.


○ ○ I Trained To Become An MMA Fighter In 4 Months

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Aria from Buzzfeed has something to prove to himself and decides to try to become an MMA fighter. He is successful but it takes a strict diet and a lot of workouts to get him in shape. I like how determined he is and it shows both the positive sides and the negative ones of this sport.

○ ○ Chloe Ting AD

This girl worked out with Chloe Ting videos and it really showed. The results are amazing and super motivating since it took her only 2 weeks.

○ ○ Gabbie Hanna and Healthy Living

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Her transformation was one of the most realistic ones I have seen on the Internet. It is good to know that on the way to a healthier lifestyle there are always some setbacks and it really does not take 30 days to change bad habits but much longer.